Sergio Tacchini Track Top Mens Dallas Track Jacket in Airy Sky Blue / Tango Red / White

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STM25101 276


This Sergio Tacchini Dallas Track Top is a classic style in a new season colour with the red collar starkly contrasting against the blue of the rest of the top. Instantly recognisable from the Sergio Tacchini logo stitched on the chest, this track top features full length sleeves and a zipper that is also branded with the logo loacted at the front middle of the track top. Since 1966, Sergio Tacchini has been making authentic, high-quality, and stylish sportswear. Sergio Tacchini, the tennis champion of whom the brand gets their namesake, founded the company through his desire to inject life into the sports apparel market. Sergio Tacchini track tops are part of that mission. 

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